BSidesLV has ended
Thank you for joining us for our 5th Anniversary celebration! We certainly hope you enjoy the conference. Here’s to Education, Collaboration, and Community!

Remember, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and you shouldn’t, either! To quote the old motto of another collaborative community, "We trick into learning with a laugh".

We wish you both laughter and learning - and lots of both!

-= Team BSidesLV 


Will be running, thanks to a generous sponsorship by Invincea!

On Tuesday, the shuttle will run a loop to/from Tuscany, starting at McCarran (LAS) airport at 8AM and running until 4AM Wednesday. Pick-up spots: Terminal 1 - Look for the volunteer holding the BSidesLV Shuttle sign in front of the Starbucks in the middle of baggage claim area. Terminal 3 - Look for the Invincea Shuttle outside of Door 52. Likely full-loop time of 45 minutes, with ~ 5min wait at each terminal stop.

Starting again at 8AM Wednesday at LAS, the shuttle will run a loop to/from Tuscany, until 8PM and then start running a party loop of Rio/Mandalay Bay/Tuscany until 5AM.

For up-to-date info on where the shuttle is on Tuesday/Wednesday, during the day, search for #BSidesBus on twitter. 

From 8AM Thursday until 8PM Sunday, the shuttle will run 24hrs, from Tuscany to Rio and back! Each full loop should take approximately 30min, with a 5min wait-time on either end.

On the Tuscany end, you can grab the shuttle outside the Casino Entrance, (bottom of the escalators). At the Rio, the stop will be outside the conference center entrance (down the steps from the smoking area). Mandalay Bay pickup/dropoff is at the Beach Level. We're told there are no landmarks, but it's where all the shuttles stop. Ask Mandalay Bay staff and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Party info:

Passwords14 party - Sponsored by Stricture Group
Tuesday night
Open bar, until we run out
Pool-side at Tuscany

DJ Keith Meyers

BSidesLV Afterparty - Sponsored by Ionic Security
Wednesday night
Open bar, until we run out
Pool-side at Tuscany  

2150 - 2245: Rance (DJ)
2300 - 2345: ytcracker (Rapping)
0000 - 0050: One More Time- Daft Punk Tribute (DJ set)
0100 - 0145: Dualcore (Rapping)
0200 - 0245: DJ Jackalope (DJ)
0300 - 0345: joernchen of phenoelit.de (DJ)

Don't forget your swim suits!


We have NO TOLERANCE for physical/verbal/sexual Harassment! Our "Code of Conduct" is "Be Excellent to each other" AKA the Golden Rule. In case that's failing, it's "Don't be an Ass,** or we'll kick your ass out!"  Asking questions of a speaker during their talk, to get clarity or debate a point is NOT being an ass - heckling or haranguing the speaker IS. If you're not sure, ask, or err on the side of basic decency and common courtesy. If what they're doing wouldn't be acceptable to have done to you, your sister, niece, daughter, brother, nephew, son, mother, father, or any human being, don't let them treat anyone else that way - whether you know them or not. Not comfortable telling them to knock it off? Grab any one of our Safety & Security crew, in the red BSidesLV t-shirts that say Safety & Security on the back and they'll handle it for you! Or any one in a BSidesLV Staff Shirt.

**Staff reserves the right to determine what constitutes "Being an Ass".



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