BSidesLV has ended
Thank you for joining us for our 5th Anniversary celebration! We certainly hope you enjoy the conference. Here’s to Education, Collaboration, and Community!

Remember, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and you shouldn’t, either! To quote the old motto of another collaborative community, "We trick into learning with a laugh".

We wish you both laughter and learning - and lots of both!

-= Team BSidesLV 
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Soldier of FORTRAN

Zed Security
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Soldier of Fortran is a mainframe hacker. Being a hacker from way back in the day (BBS and X.25 networks) he was always enamored by the idea of hacking mainframes. Always too expensive and mysterious he settled on hacking windows and linux machines, until 2010 when he finally got his very own. Not worrying about system uptime he dove in head first and was surprised by what he found. He’s spoken both domestically (DEFCON, BlackHat) and internationally on the topic, developed tools for mainframe penetration testing and has even keynoted a large mainframe conferences on this topic.