BSidesLV has ended
Thank you for joining us for our 5th Anniversary celebration! We certainly hope you enjoy the conference. Here’s to Education, Collaboration, and Community!

Remember, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and you shouldn’t, either! To quote the old motto of another collaborative community, "We trick into learning with a laugh".

We wish you both laughter and learning - and lots of both!

-= Team BSidesLV 
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DJ Rance / Chickenhead
Movies for your Ears
Las Vegas
Rance - (AKA DJ Rance, DJ RevRance, Chickenhead) usually knocks your socks off with a combination of PsyTrance, hard electronic, and old sk00l industrial. Come out to the BSides LV Pool party for a change of pace and enjoy some downtempo, mellow electronica and island chill, all at a reasonable volume while you collate, or have a nice conversation with your fellow conference participants.

You can also catch Rance's usual sonic harassment at DEFCON at the Skytalks Saturday party.